Trip Boats

The Little Trip BoatThe Little Trip BoatTake a trip on Aylesbury’s very own ‘The Little Trip Boat’.
Boat trips will be leaving at various times throughout the day from 11am and take approximately 1hr 30mins, plenty of time to sit back, relax and enjoy floating down the Aylesbury canal. Head over to the mooring outside Travelodge on the day to book your place.

Aylesbury Canal Society Day Boat – Catalina
ACS Day Boat - Catalina
Explore the beautiful day boat, Catalina, with members of the Aylesbury Canal Society or take a look at Broughton Church‘s beautiful 40ft narrow boat, Beacon+. The friendly teams will be just outside the front of Travelodge and will happily answer any questions you may have about the peaceful Aylesbury Arm, from locking and boat handling to boat hire & life on the waterways.
Plus there’s some fantastic freebies available on the day…