We’re delighted to welcome
Aylesbury Garden Town
as the sponsor of this year’s
Waterside Festival.

What is Aylesbury Garden Town?Aylesbury Garden Town logo

Similar to the old style Garden Cities, Garden Town status is awarded by the government to areas across the UK, where key growth is taking place. Just over 16,000 new homes are being built in Aylesbury by 2033 and becoming a Garden Town helps make sure the area grows in the right way, with infrastructure to support new homes, including road links, schools and other facilities, as well as quality green spaces. It’s also important that we create connections between the historic and older areas of Aylesbury Garden Town and the new developments, to create a well-planned environment, that makes the community feel proud.

Waterside Festival does just this. Celebrating Aylesbury’s two-hundred-year canal history coming together with its new and exciting developments, the festival is another enjoyable occasion to bring communities together. The canal basin has started a new chapter in its history in revitalised surroundings and Waterside Festival has proven to be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the past, present and future of this beautiful space in Aylesbury Garden Town.

Becoming a Garden Town brings opportunities for Aylesbury to do things better and there are already lots of projects underway, including the regeneration of the town centre. The Waterside Theatre and The Exchange development are great examples of what’s been achieved, with more on the way, including exciting plans for historic Kingsbury and Market Square.

Cycling is also a Garden Town priority and the Gemstone cycle routes in the town are receiving a makeover, with repairs and improved signage. Bike storage in the centre is also being expanded, making cycling to your favourite town centre events even easier and well worth getting on your bike for!

If you’d like to find out more, visit Aylesbury Garden Town, or follow @AylesburyGT on Facebook or Twitter.

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